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So Moulana Tariq Jamil is the enemy now, but not America!

So Moulana Tariq Jamil is the enemy now, but not America!

Cheap fame, and tactics for ratings

Nusrat Javed of Aaj Tv, like many others is trying to become famous these days, how ? that’s easy! He’s commenting on controversial topics, making bold claims, typical cheap tactics by an entire category (not all of course) of the typical cheap anchors in Pakistani Media!

But we knew that already, I wish to add something slightly more alarming!

There are reports of a new wave of Shia-Sunni clash all over the world including Pakistan. Some say that Shias in Iran used to consider America their enemy, soon the image of the enemy will be influenced to be replaced with Sunnis! The same is being done with Sunnis, their enemy America, the west in general or whatever name they were giving it, is slowly being replaced by Shias.

Shia-Sunni dispute has a long history, denying it has no use. But an important aspect that the promoters of this divide intentionally DON’T highlight is a simple fact that despite this divide, history has never witnessed the kind of violence we see today at a new frequency and intensity, religious scholars on both sides DID acknowledge the differences, yet the mainstream never advocated violence against each other, Shias and Sunnis have been living together for ages !

So what happened now ?

This is the question that the forces trying to promote this divide AND their agents can NEVER answer.

Moulana Tariq Jameel of the Tablighi Jamaat had recently been active in trying to reduce tensions in Shias and 

Moulana Tariq Jamil with Shia Scholars in GilgitSunnis. Let us also be clear here, he didn’t try to portray some happy picture between the two groups, he kept his focus on “NOT fighting each other” because of the differences.

He said all that in his recent visit to Gilgit, Agha Rahat Hussaini reciprocated in a similar fashion, thanking Moulana Tariq Jamil for accepting his invitation and addressing the congregation at the Imambargah. (Express Tribune). Later a group of Shia Scholars also visited the Tablighi center of Raiwind ! So far so good!

BUT NOW! WHO doesn’t like Moulana Tariq Jameel, expressing their sentiments against him recently ? Mr. Nusrat Javed! who is also angry at the notion of a caller in his program that America is trying to fuel the Shia Sunni dispute.

Nusrat Javed insulting Moulana Tariq Jamil

The media at its current state deserves a total shut down of T.V in many’s opinion, but if its a little too difficult for a “normal” muslim, let us at least start by hurting these cheap anchors and their programs where we can! at least about what we acknowledge to not like!

Hit the media where it hurts!

If we can’t wrap up this TV business from our homes, Let us AT LEAST Un-Tune the channels showing such content and people. Social media is full of hate messages for these TV Anchors and many times one would want to support these campaigns but have we ever ACTUALLY thought about taking actions that are easily in our power ?

These TV Channels and Anchor persons could possibly be doing their respective stunts for the following reasons:

1. Get their pay cheq from their masters in the West
2. Improve ratings
3. Both of the above

So, If we SIMPLY Un-tune them they will be FORCED to change their strategy!
Is it that hard ? Punish Nusrat Javed by simply un-tuning his channel ?

Take your revenge from all the Nusrats and the Mirs…

Yes! you can do that SIMPLY by UN TUNING THEIR CHANNELS!

Shia Sunni divide is being witnessed at its peak, no body is helping to resolve it, those who ARE (Like Moulana Tariq Jamil) are being attacked! by “un known” gunmen as well as (also not much known) Anchor persons like Nusrat Javed, who might have offered their services to fuel the divide for some dollars, or just be trying to BE known, either an accomplice, OR incompetent!

Try something new!

You might also try a TV free month or two and see the difference in your life, Don’t worry about the “breaking news” you will have plenty of resources like SMS services, Internet and an ages old technique called “word of mouth” to keep you informed. There could be some exceptions, those who experience it, should enjoy some “bliss” by means of ignorance, try to meet neighbors, relatives, friends and even foes so they can BE friends.

Enjoy the real life, out of the box, not in-front of the idiot box!

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